"I’m a rainbow, so I’m just having my hair be a rainbow right now. I’m going through all the colors because I feel like I’m a rainbow. This is my new thing. Before I used to dress a lot in black and now I’ve let color into my life. It’s very metaphorical."

watch kesha talk about her struggles, new music, and rising star on gma

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youngrecklesstupid:eyesonfirre:massugarr:omfg why are you doing this to mewho gave u the rightno matter how many times this gos on my dash i shall always reblog.


A classic Minnesota summer sunset

**I’ll post the full panoramic photo shortly**

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How did we get out here in the middle of the ocean?

kick me in the face please

Lindsay Lohan on the set of The Parent Trap, 1998

where’s the other one